Malta: June records drop in industrial prices

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A decrease in intermediate goods pushed down the Industrial Producer Price Index for June by 0.27 percent from the same month last year. Data by the National Statistics Office shows a sharp drop of 2.41 percent in the flow of intermediate goods, the only industrial grouping to register a decrease.

Prices rose by 1.98 percent in consumer goods and by 1.19 percent in capital goods, while they remained stable in the energy sector.

The Industrial Producer Price Index was coming from a four-month rise and is the second time it decreased this year since February.

Compared with the previous month, indices fell by 0.06 percent, brought down by decreases in capital goods (-0.14%), consumer goods (-0.08%) and intermediate good (-0.03%).

Prices in the domestic market increased by 1.46 percent year-on-year and by 0.02 percent month-on-month. Non-domestic prices, by contrast, recorded drops of 1.35 percent from June 2019 and 0.11 percent from May 2020.

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