Malta Health authorities reiterate position against organisation of mass events

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Given the risks that strains the public health and healthcare service the Superintendence of Public Health reiterates its position that it is not in favour of the organisation of mass gatherings or events.

The Superintendence made this statement when it announced Maltese guidelines and standards for gatherings and events during the CoVid-19 transition period.

In the context of the COVID-19 transition phase, gatherings and mass events present a risk of increasing the transmission rate of the virus in view of the potential for close contact between many persons for an extended time period. The more people an individual interacts with at a gathering or mass event and the longer that interaction lasts, the higher the potential of becoming infected with COVID-19 and of COVID-19 spreading.

Higher levels of community transmission at the time of the event and in the area that the gathering is being held can result in a higher potential for COVID-19 spread during the gathering. In this context, large events have a particularly substantial impact on the health system capacity and resources if they result in a significant number of new COVID-19 cases.

Mass events are large-scale gatherings that involve a significant number of people coming together at a specific location.

For the purposes of these standards, the WHO definitions on mass events have been adopted; an event counts as a ’mass gathering’ if the number of people it brings together is so large that it has the potential to strain the planning and response resources of the health system in the community where it takes place.

You can download the document here.

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