Malta Evening News Roundup

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These are the main headlines reviewed by our editorial and research team for today.

Archbishop Charles Scicluna and tenor Joseph Calleja have issued separate appeals for action to stop the eviction of 22 children of expatriate workers from Malta.The appeals came after the Sunday Times of Malta revealed that a group of non-EU families residing in Malta have been told by Identity Malta they can no longer keep their children here, since they do not have enough money to sustain them. Source: Times of Malta

The ‘diabolical pact’ mentioned by Labour MP Robert Abela before he announced his candidature for Labour leader and Prime Minister was a pact that would have seen Joseph Muscat resign from office last Thursday so Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne would automatically take his place. Source: Malta Today

The political controversy surrounding Valletta 2018, brought about by comments made by V18 Chairman Jason Micallef, “caused considerable damage” to European Capital of Culture’s international reputation, as well as to Valletta and Malta generally, according to a European Commission report. Source: The Malta Independent

“We want a Nationalist Party which will continue to benefit the Maltese and Gozitans, a party which understands everyone’s aspirations and implements social justice. We are here for political purposes and the Labour Party is there to keep power and abuse it.” So stated Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia when he was addressing a political activity in Birkirkara. Source: TVM

Outgoing Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that his exit from politics was meant to facilitate the turning of a new leaf in the party and in the country. He said that with the new incumbent in the premiership and leadership, the ‘new page’ which will be written will expunge the mistakes made and build on the good that was done. “That is why I chose to do what I did so that whoever comes after me will be able to write a new page in the history of Malta, a page that will erase the faults but build on the good,” said Muscat. Source: Newsbook


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