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Malta: Ship kept offshore as Malta seeks European solution for rescued migrants

Malta is refusing to allow the disembarkation of 52 migrants rescued by a vessel registered as a livestock carrier, until it has guarantees from other EU member states on their immediate relocation, sources close to the government told Times of Malta. Source: Times of Malta Updated 13:40pm

Malta: No new cases of Covid-19 in Malta and another person recovers – over 100,000 tests carried out so far

No new cases have tested positive for Covid-19 over the past 24 hours after 771 swab tests were carried out. Source: TVM Updated 13:45pm

Malta: The UPE calls a strike; English teachers are not allowed to join a union

As English students start school on Monday, employees will not be present for work as they will be holding a peaceful protest at 10 am in front of the school located in Swieqi. Source: Net News Updated 13:45pm

Malta: Daniel Micallef set to become PL Deputy Leader as no other nominations received

The Labour Party's top roles will be uncontested, with only one nomination received for each position by the time nominations closed on Sunday. Source: The Malta Independent Updated 13:50pm

Malta: Delia was in contact with Fenech after it became known that he was the owner of 17 Black

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia has been in contact with businessman Yorgen Fenech after it became known that he is the owner of the 17-Black company. Source: One News Updated 14:00pm

Malta: Yorgen Fenech offered to spill the beans on Macbridge

Malta Today says that Yorgen Fenech told police he was prepared to reveal information about secret company Macbridge which, along with his own 17 Black, was listed as a target client for Keith Schembri’s and Konrad Mizzi’s Panama companies. MaltaToday was told that police investigators understand that Macbridge is an acronym that stands for ‘Malta And Chi- na Bridge’, a fact that could tie in into the Muscat administration’s deep ties with the Chi- nese on energy matters. Indeed, the Egrant inquiry report had brought to light an en- tity that was to be controlled by a secret company in the British Virgin Islands, to run a public-private partnership called “MACHIN Project” – an entity for the promotion of China-Malta investment. The project was discovered in emails from 2014 between Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi, in relation to an email from Cheng Chen of Shanghai Electric Pow- er, which owns a large chunk of Enemalta. MaltaToday In another report, the paper says that the head of Steward Healthcare met with the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister to discuss disagreements over a deal negotiated last year with Joseph Muscat and Konrad Mizzi. US embassy representatives also attended the meeting. Keep in...

Malta: Messages between Yorgen Fenech and Adrian Delia surface

The Sunday Times reveals a series of messages between business Yorgen Fenech and PN Leader Adrian Delia sent in 2019. The paper says it was always Fenech who started the conversation and Delia insisted he never gave in to influence. Another story reports on a survey among educators to assess the scholastic year. Most teachers said that nearly all students followed classes online during the pandemic shutdown, but 17 percent reported low engagement in online learning. Keep in the know with the latest edition of CorporateDispatchPro

Malta: Financial industry concerned about upcoming Moneyval deadline

The Independent on Sunday speaks to practitioners in the financial services industry who were skeptical of claims by the Prime Minister that Malta would pass the Moneyval test easily. The sources say that the Prime Minister’s confidence was unrealistic. The paper carries an interview with Fr Damian Formosa, one of the newly ordained priests on Monday. Fr Damian was married and had a son before he understood that priesthood was his true calling. Keep in the know with the latest edition of CorporateDispatchPro

Malta: GWU calls for more flexibility in the workplace

It-Torċa quotes General Workers Union secretary general Josef Bugeja who said that a new legislative framework is necessary to provide more flexibility to industrial relations. He said the Covid-19 emergency made clear that work could be more efficient. The paper publishes an interview with PL President Daniel Micallef who is running for the party’s deputy leadership vacated by Chris Cardona. Micallef said he believes the Labour Party is the best instrument for change in Malta. Keep in the know with the latest edition of CorporateDispatchPro  

Malta: Bank deposits increase by half a million during pandemic

Kullħadd quotes figures released by the Central Bank showing that household deposits in banks reached €13.7 billion by May, rising by €500,000 since the start of the coronavirus outbreak in February. Another story quotes Citizenship Parliamentary Secretary Alex Muscat who said that a new framework for the IIP system will now require ‘exceptional’ investment by applicants and introduce stronger regulation. Keep in the know with the latest edition of CorporateDispatchPro