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Malta: ‘Go get tested,’ Charmaine Gauci tells Floriana FC fans after celebrations

The health authorities were “shocked and worried” when they were alerted to  celebrations by Floriana FC fans on Monday evening, Superintendent of Public Health Charmaine Gauci told Times of Malta.  Source: Times of Malta Updated 15:34pm

Malta: Boats that carried Libya mercenaries lacked permit from Malta sanctions board

Permission to sail to Libya was never requested from the Sanctions Monitoring Board by the charterers operating RHIBs that were used to ferry mercenaries from the war-torn North African country to Malta.  Source: Malta Today Updated 15:30pm

Malta: Malta’s annual inflation rate down to 0.83% in April 2020

In April 2020, the annual rate of inflation as measured by the Retail Price Index (RPI) was 0.83%, down from 1.11% in March 2020, according to the data published by the National Statistics Office, NSO. Source: Newsbook Updated 15:20pm

Malta: Purchase of new equipment for emergency works in water services

The Water Services Corporation has invested over half a million euro in new machinery for drilling, pipe-laying, and transportation and disposal of material. Source: TVM Updated 15:20pm

Malta: Indications show that the airport is expected to open next month

Indications continue to grow that Malta International Airport will resume operations in the third week of June. Source: Net News Updated 15:15pm

Malta: Work will be stepped up to disinfect bus terminals in Malta

As several workers have returned to work and more people are leaving their homes, Transport Malta has stepped up its efforts to clean up and decommission infrastructure on roads around the country. Source: One News Updated 15:10pm

Malta: House collapse victim suffered anxiety over works

The Malta Independent follows the complication of evidence against four people charged with causing a woman’s death when a house collapsed in Ħamrun in March. The courts heard that victim Miriam Pace suffered anxiety because of the construction works nearby. The paper quotes Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci who said that childcare centers will reopen if the situation remains stable. She explained that authorities are working on specific mitigation measures. The latest edition of CorporateDisptachPro.

Malta: Covert military operation from Malta contracted by Libyan warlord

The Times says that informed sources confirmed details of a covert operation by military contractors who left Malta for Libya in June last year. Intelligence reports believe that the operation was commissioned by general Khalifa Haftar. A second story reports on the testimony of Carmelo Pace, who lost his wife and house to a building accident in Ħamrun. He said that the family felt ‘tremors’ from the works on a construction site next door. The latest edition of CorporateDisptachPro.

Malta: One new Covid-19 case, nine recoveries

L-Orizzont says that a new case of Covid-19 was registered on Monday from 803 swab tests conducted. Nine patients were confirmed recovered and the number of active cases now stands at 120. Another story quotes parliamentary secretary Silvio Parnis who said that authorities received around 150 requests every day for visits to St Vincent de Paule as soon as the government announced that the elderly residence will reopen. The latest edition of CorporateDisptachPro.

Malta: Opposition calls for virtual court hearings

In-Nazzjon carries a proposal by the Opposition to introduce virtual hearings at the courts. Justice spokesperson Jason Azzopardi said that businesses and families are being denied justice with the suspension of court cases. Another story quotes the husband of building collapse victim Miriam Pace who told a court that as soon as he saw the rubble, he knew it would be ‘a miracle’ to bring his wife out alive. He had just spoken to her on the phone. The paper reports that Floriana FC were declared the winners of the 2019/20 football championship after a virtual vote by the Football Association Council on Monday. This is the 26th time the club has won the league. The latest edition of CorporateDisptachPro.  

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