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Malta: Everyone wants schools to reopen in September – minister

Educators want schools to reopen in September, Education Minister Owen Bonnici said on Tuesday, adding that  “everyone” was insisting they want to see this happen. Source: Times of Malta  Updated: 16:20pm

Malta: Gold fraudster wanted by Maltese police arrested in France and extradited

A gold fraudster wanted in Malta was arrested by the French authorities and extradited to face justice for a crime he committed seven years ago. Source: Malta Today Updated: 16:20pm

Malta: PA extends buffer zone to protect spatial context of Villa Barbaro

The Grade 1 scheduled building of Villa Barbaro in Tarxien, which is one of Malta’s oldest standing country houses has been given further protection after the Planning Authority in collaboration with the Superintendent of Cultural Heritage, extended the buffer zone to include a stretch of properties along Triq iż-Żejtun but opposite the Villa. Source: Newsbook Updated: 16:20pm

Malta: Cabinet and Chamber of Commerce hold discussion on Malta’s economy

At the beginning of the cabinet meeting in which the Chamber of Commerce took part, the Prime Minister Robert Abela listed a number of points of principle that would serve as the framework of economic thought for the future. Source: TVM Updated: 16:20pm

Malta: Covid-19: 2,100 calls for help; people with mental health issues ‘at risk’

As Malta is experiencing a rise of COVID-19 infections, it is inevitable that fear, panic and anxiety increase as well, the Alliance for Mental Health said in a statement. The COVID-19 pandemic is not only a threat to our physical health, but more important is the effect this is going to have on our mental health. Source: Updated:

Malta: Police are investigating how Melvin Theuma’s recordings came out

Police are investigating how and who released recordings of conversations between the middleman in the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia and what was likely his business partner with Yorgen Fenech, also implicated in the murder. Police are investigating how and possibly who revealed these recordings. Source: Net News Updated: 16:25pm

Malta: Dar tal-Providenza has been given a grant of more than € 560,000

Dar tal-Providenza has been given a grant of more than € 560,000. This grant is part of the funding for the Operational Assistance Scheme which was announced for the GIP as part of the economic regeneration plan announced by the Government. Source: One News Updated: 16:30pm

Malta: Police launch probe into audio leak

The Times says that the police are investigating the leak of audio recordings that form part of the evidence in the Caruana Galizia case. Five short clips were posted on Reddit by an anonymous account that was created on Saturday. Another story says that Opposition MP Ivan Bartolo has agreed to give up his seat for Bernard Grech if the challenger wins the PN leadership contest. Sources said that MP Hermann Schiavone would be prepared to do the same. Keep in the know with the latest edition of CorporateDispatchPro

Malta: Third application for PN leadership was rejected

In-Nazzjon says that an unnamed third candidate has expressed interest in the PN leadership, but their offer was refused because the individual is not a paid-up member of the party. Bernard Grech will now face incumbent Adrian Delia in a two-horse race. Another story reports that the number of active Covid-19 cases rose to 415 after 23 new infections were registered on Monday. The paper says that a prison warden is thought to have been among the latest patients. Keep in the know with the latest edition of CorporateDispatchPro

Malta: Travel decreases amid Covid-19 fears

The Independent speaks to the president of Federated Association of Travel and Tourism Agents, Iain Tonna, who said that people are, again, reluctant to travel following a rise on Covid-19 cases. Another story says that PN leader Adrian Delia and challenger Bernard Grech will undergo a due diligence process after the call for applications for the party leadership closed on Monday. The paper says may take up to six weeks. Keep in the know with the latest edition of CorporateDispatchPro