Malta-24 – News Briefing – Saturday 20th June 2020

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Updated 1333 – Three recoveries, one new case

The Health Department said that there was just one new case in the past 24 hours, a sporadic symptomatic case presented at the casualty department. Three people recovered, meaning active cases are back below 40.

Malta’s case tally has now gone up to 664 with 616 recovering.


Updated 1009 – Newspaper Review

The Times reveals that once-secret company 17 Black made a €4.6 million profit from an investment by Enemalta in a Montenegro windfarm. The project was inaugurated in 2019 by then Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi.

The Independent follows revelations about links between an Enemalta energy deal in Montenegro and emails by Konrad Mizzi’s and Keith Schembri’s accountants indicating payments from Dubai company 17 Black, owned by Yorgen Fenech.

In-Nazzjon quotes PN Leader Adrian Delia who called on the Prime Minister to expel Joseph Muscat and Konrad Mizzi from the government parliamentary group following leaks about a suspicious energy deal with Montenegro.

L-Orizzont covers a press conference by Prime Minister Robert Abela who said that the Venice Commissioner welcomed most judicial reforms proposed by Malta. Abela described the development as historic.

The Independent quotes an IT expert who testified in court that according to available information it is technically plausible that Chris Cardona’s phone was in Velbert, Germany in 2017 where Daphne Caruana Galizia claimed the Economy Minister had visited a brothel.

L-Orizzont says that the court threw out a complaint by Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Mallia who filed a constitutional case against the Armed Forces and the responsible ministry claiming unfair promotions within the army.

Malta’s Prime Minister Robert Abela  has called for full justice on the allegations that Yorgen Fenech’s 17 Black was employed to sell Enemalta a stake in a Montenegrin wind energy project.  A money trail has linked Dubai-based company 17 Black to Enemalta’s purchase of a Montenegrin wind farm in 2015, according to a journalistic investigation.

Abela said that rather than investigate, he expected the police to prosecute if there was enough evidence that anyone was connected to this case. “These investigations must lead to prosecutions in court,” he said. “If the investigation leads to criminal responsibility, prosecution should start in our courts immediately,” Abela declared.

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia said that the Montenegro deal was an “act of treason”, calling for the immediate sacking of former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and former Minister Konrad Mizzi. Delia described these allegations as “a multi-million state robbery” and said that swift action not merely words was required.

Former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, through Facebook, declared his full willingness to collaborate with the police and provide any information he is privy to, in relation to the latest revelations on the links between the Montenegro Wind Farm project and Yorgen Fenech’s 17 Black.

Ex-Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi also resorted to Facebook, insisting that “this project only brought profits to Enemalta and thanks to this it could keep electricity tariffs low in a sustainable manner.”

Covid-19 Update

There were no new coronavirus cases in Malta during the previous 24 hours, out of 852 swabs. With three persons recovering, active cases have gone down to 41.

The Health Department said that 12 Covid-19 patients are receiving care at hospitals.

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