Malta-24 – News Briefing – Friday 26th June 2020

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Updated 1234 – Two new cases of coronavirus, five recoveries

The Department of Health announced two new cases, identified from 946 swab tests. Five persons have since recovered, meaning the number of active cases is back below 30.

The number of total cases has now reached 670.


Updated 0820 – Newspaper Review

The Times quotes a United Nations report saying that 768 children arrived in Malta unaccompanied last year. Among its recommendations, the UN calls for better physical barriers to separate children from adults at open centres.

The Independent publishes an interview with Gozo Tourism Association Joe Muscat who said that, while local tourism is expected to increase this summer, it will not make up for the decline in international tourist arrivals.

L-Orizzont speaks to the CEO of the Foundation for Social Services, Alfred Grixti, about the new child protection law that comes into effect on July 1. Grixti said new measures will put children at the centre of every decision.

In-Nazzjon leads with the amendments to the PN statute adopted by the General Council on Thursday. New articles concern the governance, financial administration, and policy-making of the party.

The Independent follows the PN General Council on Thursday as it adopted a new draft statute. A statement by the party said that the update will ‘open a new chapter’ in its history.

The Times speaks with two couples who are waiting to be united with their adoptive children from India. The parents speak about their ordeal as the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted their plans with cases continuing to spread across the south-Asian country.

L-Orizzont says that PL president Daniel Micallef is being encouraged by party insiders to contest the vacant deputy leadership position following the decision by the party’s executive to appoint someone who is not an MP.


Following an intensive three days of court sittings, political commentators and the public come to terms with the major revelations being made in different testimonies.

Yesterday evening, Opposition MP Jason Azzopardi, speaking on Xtra piled further pressure on former PM Joseph Muscat, arguing that “in the best case scenario, he [Muscat] knew that the Montenegro situation was going to come out, and he knew that he could not afford for this to emerge before the election, or he was aware of the process for Daphne to be eliminated, and so the election had to happen”, Azzopardi said.  Muscat has denied this argument as ‘fantasy’.

Meanwhile, the Nationalist Party has approved a new statute in its efforts to modernise and improve its structures and renew the party. Among key changes, the new statute calls for a leadership race after every election and creates a new layer of administration at regional level, with the creation of five regional committees. It also creates new commissions to vet candidates and to deal with ethics and discipline as well as data.

Covid-19 situation

After three consecutive days with no reports of new coronavirus cases in Malta, the Health Department said that three cases were identified during the previous 24 hours. With the same number recovering, the number of active cases remains stable at 32.

Swabbing remains at a health rate, with more than 1,000 persons visiting one of the different centres or else tested randomly at hospital or in one of the country’s nursing homes.

In two of the new cases, the affected patients had demonstrated no symptoms.

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