Malta-24 – News Briefing – Friday 19th June 2020

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Updated 1656 – Feasts directive will not change – only pilgrimage will be allowed

Portal reports that the Curia has confirmed that feasts will only be celebrated on a restricted basis, in the form of a pilgrimage on the proper feast day. In March the Curia gave the instructions that all feasts related activities for this year will be cancelled unless there are further notifications from Health Authorities.

Updated 1251 – No new coronavirus cases today

There were no new coronavirus cases in Malta during the past 24 hours, out of 852 swabs. With three persons recovering, active cases have gone down to 41.

The Health Department said that 12 Covid-19 patients are receiving care at hospitals.


Updated 0815 – Newspaper Review

The Times reports that PN Leader Adrian Delia issued a sworn declaration denying claims that Yorgen Fenech attempted to bribe the party to undermine the election campaign of MEP David Casa in 2017.

In-Nazzjon quotes PN Leader Adrian Delia who said that the Labour Party ‘resorts to lies’ when it finds itself in crisis. Delia was referring to allegations made on PL party media that the PN tried to thwart the re-election chances of one of its candidates.

The Independent quotes the union of nurses which said that newly recruited nurses by Steward Health Care have not been provided an induction course and are not able to carry out their responsibilities.

L-Orizzont quotes a study commissioned by a government money-management programme which found that more people are confident in their financial situation and are less concerned about the impact of Covid-19 on their personal finances.

The Independent speaks to government Whip Glenn Bedingfield who criticised the opposition for choosing not to participate in the grilling of nominated Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà. Bedingfield said the process will go on as planned.

The Times says that outbound passengers will be checked for fever or high temperature at the airport and will be asked to take swab test for the coronavirus before flying out if they show any symptoms.

L-Orizzont follows a libel case by activist Pia Zammit against the newspaper over a story about her. Editor Victor Vella said that the report did not personally attack Zammit but published a picture circulating on social media and comments posted about it.

In-Nazzjon says that Chris Cardona has kept silent since the Prime Minister announced his resignation from PL deputy leader. The paper says the only message Cardona published on Facebook was to deny any involvement in the Caruana Galizia plot.

It was the foreign residents’ turn yesterday to make some noise on social media after reports that a Government spokesman had said that vouchers would only be issued to people listed on the Electoral Registers, thereby excluding non-residents. Hundreds of foreigners complained online of discrimination insisted that they paid taxes here for years. This promoted a change of heart by Government, who later in the evening confirmed that all residents will indeed be receiving the 100 euro voucher.

Meanwhile, has revealed that Malta has expressed its intention to join the Inclusive Vaccine Alliance, a group which so far includes Germany, Italy, France and the Netherlands, which is seeking to jointly negotiate the price and availability for a Covid-19 vaccine. European diplomats have voiced concerns that this group may undermine  European Commission’s vaccine strategy which was announced earlier this week.

The Health Department said that only one, sporadic case was identified in the previous 24 hours, a sigh of relief for the authorities and the general population after the non-marginal increases of the past few days. The country has seen a total of 663 people infected with the novel coronavirus, 44 cases remaining active.

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