Madrid adopts rules to shut down over 10,000 holiday apartments and curtail mass tourism

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The Madrid city council approved a plan regulating holiday rentals that will lead to the shutting down over 10,000 apartments currently used for short-term tourist stays and is aimed mainly at mass tourism.

The new rules target properties that are used as holiday rentals for more than 90 days out of the year, at which point they are considered to be engaging in commercial activities that require a license.

The new regulations stipulate, among other things, that apartments used as holiday rentals inside residential buildings in the city centre must have a separate access area from the one used by regular residents. Guests will not be able to use the same building entrance or elevators.

Madrid city officials pointed out that in practice, this means that 95% of these apartments will be unable to obtain the required license for this kind of activity and challenges in court in the coming days are not excluded.

José Manuel Calvo, the city councillor for sustainable urban development, insisted that these rules are necessary because massive tourism does not bring added value to cities, rather on the contrary, it degrades them.”

Madrid city council has a team of 22 inspectors who have examined 11,936 homes in 502 buildings. Of these, 1,729 (14,48%) were being used as holiday rentals. While municipal authorities do not have the power to issue fines, they can initiate individual proceedings that could end in the closure of the unlicensed business activity.

Via El Pais

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