M5s Di Maio warns Lega’s Salvini about ‘too much tension’ on the streets ahead or European elections

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There is “too much tension” in the streets, 5-Star Movement (M5S) and Deputy Premier Luigi Di Maio told fellow Deputy Premier and League leader Matteo Salvini Monday, urging him to act in his capacity as interior minister.

“There’s a palpable social tension such as we have not felt for years. Seizures of cellphones, people flagged up to the police, banners pulled. In the piazzas there has returned a division between extremisms that does no one any good”, said Di Maio.

Tension is rising between the government allies ahead of the last cabinet meeting before the European elections, scheduled for next Monday.

Police have confiscated cellphones from people taking selfies with Salvini criticising him, while anti-League banners have also been seized.

On the stump for the May 26 European elections, the nationalist populist leader has been met with several protests from self-described antifascists.

The League responded to Di Maio’s call by saying “the only novelty in the streets are death threats to Salvini”.


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