LNA trying to open new fronts around Tripoli

epa02962698 Libyan rebel fighters attacking pro-Gadhafi forces during the battle to liberate the city of Sirte, Libya, 11 October 2011. According to media sources, troops of Libya's interim rulers seized on 11 October the police headquarters in the center of Sirte, hometown of fugitive leader Muammar Gaddafi, following fierce fighting. EPA/MOHAMED MESSARA

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As the death toll in the fighting in Libya reached 254, the forces under the command of Khalifa Haftar, the Libyan National Army (LNA), announced that they were calling in reservists to open new fronts on Tripoli and said the LNA  would use artillery and infantry in the next days.

Monday was quieter on the main front-line south of the capital with less shelling than in previous days and no reports of air strikes. Shelling could be still be heard even in central Tripoli 11 km from the front-line and smoke billowed from one spot in southern Tripoli.

A Libyan National Army spokesman Ahmed Mismari was quoted by Reuters as denying there had been a retreat but said an advance by his forces had slowed because of the dense population in the areas where fighting was taking place.

The LNA force has launched an offensive but has been unable to breach the southern defences of the city.

Forces loyal to Tripoli drove back the LNA in recent days the southern suburb of Ain Zara, the main scene of fighting, Reuters reporters visiting the area said, even though the LNA said it had launched air strikes on military sites in the capital.

The death toll since the start of fighting has reached 254, while 1,228 people have been wounded, the World Health Organization said. More than 32,000 people have been displaced, the U.N. humanitarian agency added.

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