Live Update: Covid-19 Bulletin Malta – Wednesday 13th May 2020

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Prof Gauci confirmed the earlier news of the death of the 53-year old man who had serious underlying conditions.

She also announced two further recoveries, taking this total to 436. Yesterday 1,143 tests were carried out resulting in two new positive cases, for a total of 508. 66 active cases remain.

Both cases are contacts of existing positive patients. The first is a 24-year old Maltese woman who lives with a person who had resulted as positive and was already in quarantine. The other concerns a 33 year old Maltese health care worker employed at Karen Grech. She last reported to work on the 8th May.

Prof Gauci also provided an update on Hal Far Tent Village where tests have been ongoing with groups of immigrants being placed under quarantine. The quarantine expires today for all but four immigrants. Out of 50 cases of coronavirus in the village, only two remain active.

Questioned by the media, the Health Superintendent, she said that 30 healthcare workers based at Mater Dei were found positive. However she recalled that healthcare workers are a heavily-tested target group. In addition, they can become infected through their out of work community.

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Sixth coronavirus victim – 53-year old man.

The sixth coronavirus victim in Malta is a 53-year old man. The news was first announced on newsportals and

It is understood that the man, a doctor, suffered from other chronic conditions.



The number of infections from coronavirus in Malta now stands at 506, with three cases added yesterday, all related to previous clusters.

Five people have died so far.

No fines were dished out yesterday for gatherings of four persons or more.

Meetings outside court buildings for separations contracts

The Department of Information announced yesterday that cases where parties would have agreed and drafted a separation contract to regulate the situation between them will start taking place in front of a mediator via video conferencing. This means that the meetings will take place outside the court buildings, with the parties being in different places and assisted by their respective lawyers, and with the mediator in a separate office.

This measure ensures that every agreement reached between the parties is published without delay. It is another step in the strategy to transform our judiciary system into a more digital one, and for our courts of justice to return to normality

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