Live Update: Covid-19 Bulletin Malta – Thursday 14th May 2020

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Seven further persons have recovered from coronavirus infection, taking this tally to 443.

Yesterday a record of 1321 tests were carried out, resulting in 14 positive cases, taking the total to 522. This means there are 73 active cases.

These include four healthcare workers, three employed at Mater Dei, the other employed at St Vincent de Paule. Despite this news, Prof Gauci insisted that health protocols at Malta’s hospitals were of the highest rigorous standards.

Random testing at Karin Grech Hospital has identified two new cases in this location, including a Sudanese 23-year old man who was undergoing rehabilitation.

Health Superintendent Prof Charmaine Gauci shared these details during this afternoon’s daily briefing.

The other seven case were defined as ‘sporadic’, with Prof Gauci saying they were not linked with other cases. Two were identified in testing prior to be granted access to hospital.

Despite this spike, Prof Gauci saw no need for alarm, insisting that authorities will not roll back measures because of one spike, but averages over a particular period of time are taken into consideration.


The talk of the country yesterday focused on the sixth death with coronavirus, a 53-year old, the youngest victim so far. The man has been named in the media as Aaron Casha, acardiac doctor, with social media users who knew him sharing a stream of loving messages and tributes.

In a heart-touching post, his daughter wrote on Facebook:

“Your unparalleled resilience always had everybody amazed – both during the past 10 years but especially throughout this last year. I am proud to say that I did everything I could to make you feel comfortable, understood and loved. I feel so blessed to have had you.”

The number of cases in Malta has gone up to 508, of which 66 remain active.

For the second consecutive day, no one was caught in gatherings of more than 4 persons in public places. Moreover,
no one was found breaching obligatory quarantine during any of the 389 inspections carried out.

Yesterday we also reported that the European Commission approved a scheme that allows for an expenditure of €11.5 million to finance the production of products related to the Covid-19 transmission, amongt which are vaccines, ventilators, and protective gear. Read more on this here.

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