Live Update: Covid-19 Bulletin Malta – Sunday 5th April 2020

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Three other recoveries – Prof C Gauci

Health Superintendent Prof Charmaine Gauci announced that three further persons have now recovered. There are in all five persons who have recovered from the virus, with the last three however remaining for another fourteen days in quarantine.

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All residents in Hal Far Open Centre under quarantine – DPM Chris Fearne

Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne said that during the past three days a cluster of eight cases at the Hal Far Open Centre has been identified. Although the infected persons were isolated, however there is a possibility that the virus might have been transmitted to other residents of the centre. For this reason, all persons living in the Open Centre will be asked to quarantine for fourteen days.

Government will increase its medical presence in the Centre, also thanks to the collaboration of the Malta Red Cross. Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri said there are currently more than a 1,000 persons living in the Centre. No other persons besides those who work in the Centre will be allowed. Camilleri indicated that the UNHCR was involved in this decision and in the necessary arrangements to enforce it, particularly to ensure language support and the provision of the necessary medical support. The eight persons who have been identified as positive have been completely segregated from the rest and are receiving the necessary treatment.

The Home Affairs Minister announced that Law enforcement officers are currently on site to ensure this quarantine is observed. He said that this decision has been agreed earlier today but was only being communicated this evening to ensure that immigrants returned to the Centre after their evening curfew. He also appealed to employers not to expect or obliged these persons to report to work. Camilleri insisted that this decision is being taken –  and explained to the same immigrants – in their own interest and in the interest of the rest of society. Infected persons will be treated with the best care possible irrespective of race, nationality or other factors. On the other hand employees will be provided the necessary support and protective wear, while their contact with residents will be significantly reduced.

Health Superintendent Prof Charmaine Gauci said that this decision was necessitated by the fact that there was mingling between residents and therefore the virus was being spread beyond members of the same cabin. Further tests will be undertaken in the next few days on those residents who show symptoms.

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Gozitan organisations not happy with guarantee scheme

The Gozo Business Chamber (GBC) and the Gozo Tourism Association (GTA) described the recent scheme launched by the Malta Development Bank providing for a guarantee scheme as “not attractive to all business operators”. The MDB COVID-19 Guarantee Scheme (CGS), is considered as a main pillar of Government’s COVID-19 Response Support Programme.

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656 swabs were taken yesterday, resulting in 14 new cases, for a total of 227 cases. The new patients are in good condition. Seven persons are in Mater Dei, three of them in ITU. Eight patients are at Boffa Hospital and one at Mount Carmel.

Eleven of the new cases concern men, including an 86 year old.

All cases were locally transmitted.

Prof Gauci repeated her appeal for people to stay indoors and reduce contact with people not in the same household.

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Situation under control – Robert Abela

In the traditional Sunday address on Labour’s television station, Prime Minister Robert Abela said that the coronavirus pandemic in Malta is under control thanks to the measures taken by Government and the fact that people where respecting them. Abela said that while neighbouring countries were witnessing troublesome spike in numbers, cases in Malta were largely limited. This was also a result of the significant number of daily tests being undertaken, which are approaching 800 a day.

Insisting that Malta was not under complete lockdown, PM Abela recommended that people, with the exception of the over 65s and those with conditions placing them in a vulnerable situation, should go for a walk or a run, on their own or in pairs, in order to take care of their physical and healthy wellbeing.

On his part, Opposition Leader Adrian Delia increased his dose of criticism regarding the hospitals’ concession arguing that without the monies being forked out by Government to finance such agreement, the aid package could have been afforded to all workers rather than to a limited number of sectors.

The Nationalist Leader also insisted that government should be more proactive in sharing information with the business community, which so far he described as lacking.

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Change in birth registrations as from tomorrow

As from tomorrow 6th April, the way in which notifications of birth registrations is carried out will change. Registration needs to be carried out through After registration, Identity Malta officials will guide the parents so that they, amongst other steps, send documents by registered post to the Office of Public Registry.

The documents required are

  • a filled-in formula for Birth Notification;
  • birth certificate obtained from hospital which is signed by the midwife;
  • a copy of the Identiy Cards of the parents;
  • other documents as required by Public Registry;
  • a copy of the €2.60 payment to Identity Malta.

The Birth Act is then sent by registered post to the parents so that they may confirm that the details listed are correct. As soon as the parents sign the Act, this is then sent back to Public Registry. Finally, parents will be notified that registration is complete, and the Birth Certificate can be ordered from

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Cleansing division in 24 hour operation

The Department of Information said that some one hundred employees of the Cleansing and Maintenance Division have altered operations so that they are now offering their services in various localities in Malta on a 24-hour basis throughout the week.

Work carried out involves cleansing by means of water and disinfectant shot out of high pressure pumps. Bus shelters, street furniture, infront of pharmacies, grocery stores, ATMs, and places normally frequented by the public are being cleansed regularly. Particular attention is being given to the streets leading to the swab centres.

Four more persons fined

Four more persons were each fined €100 during the rounds conducted by Police yesterday to ensure that no gatherings in public places involving more than 3 persons take place in line with the legal notice issued by Government.

Moreover, for the second day in a row, no one was caught breaching obligatory quarantine during any of the 218 inspections. The appeal remains for everyone to be responsible and cooperate with the directives issued by the authorities.


Malta starts off a week of restricted Easter celebrations with Palm Sunday, the traditional kick-off of an eight-day remembrance leading the the celebration of the Risen Christ today week. For the first time in the memory of many, there will be no Church celebrations, including processions. Devotees will have to make do with live television.

The country has now registered 213 cases of coronavirus, based on over 9,700 swabs.  Three cases are now hospitalised in Intensive Care, and four at Boffa hospital.

We will keep you posted throughout the day with any latest development related to Covid–19 in Malta. Stay tuned and stay safe!

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