Live Update: Covid-19 Bulletin Malta – Monday 6th April 2020

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Lawyers, architects, notaries, dentists and accountants team up to request assistance

In a joint press statement, organisations representing professionals including lawyers, architects, notaries, dentists and accountants have requested Government financial assistance to combat the negative impact of the coronavirus.

They noted that although the extent of the impact is not known, the immediate impact was significant. Should the situation take considerable time to get better, professionals will fall back on their payments.

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PN Press Conference

In a Press Conference earlier this afternoon, Opposition Leader Adrian Delia spoke about the current health emergency which is significantly affecting the labour market. While acknowledging that 60,000 workers were promised support, many others have received no help at all.

Delia argued that the way forward at this time of crisis as well as after was to further embrace the digital world. He called on Government to seek how to make best use of the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence even in sectors such as transport and health. Delia expressed his belief that Malta could lead in these sectors.

The PN leader also insisted that Malta should take a more proactive role at an EU level during discussions related to EU funds.

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Prof Gauci has confirmed media reports that a Covid-19 infected patient has escaped while being transferred to Boffa Hospital. The police were still searching for the man.

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14 new cases today

Fourteen cases were reported today, including two Gozitans, one of them an elderly patient currently being treated in the Gozo General Hospital. These cases were the result of 555 swab tests carried out during the past 24 hours. Malta has now registered a total of 241 cases.

The cases also include three patients at Mount Carmel Hospital, one Maltese, an Egyptian and a Libyan. Three other new positive patients were aged over 60.

Two more patients were identified after being admitted to Mater Dei for reasons other than Covid-19 and being screened prior to hospitalisation.

Prof Gauci confirmed that five persons have recovered, but will still have to observe a fourteen-day quarantine period.



While the evening news cycle was dominated by the announcement that a cluster of infections had developed at the Hal Far Open Centre, leading to the imposition of quarantine on all its residents, little attention has perhaps been given to the welcome news that three more patients have recovered from coronavirus in our country.

These are a 12-year-old girl, a 55-year-old man, and a 23-year-old woman. This means that there are now a total of 5 patients who have recovered from Covid-19.

Sunday’s sunshine seems to have encourage more than a few groups to gather against the Authorities’ directions, leading to 81 persons being fined €100 fine each during patrols conducted by Police to ensure that there are no groups of
more than 3 people gathered in public places as per the legal notice issued by the government. However, for the third day running, no one was found breaching the obligatory quarantine.

Kiosk and bar found open, fined €3,000 each

Two establishments were found to have breached the regulations imposed for them to remain closed in order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. These two outlets were a kiosk in Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq which was serving beer, and the other was a bar in Ħamrun which was found with clients inside drinking and listening to music. The owners were fined €3,000 each, with the Ħamrun bar also being served with an enforcement notice.

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