Live Update: Covid-19 Bulletin Malta – Friday 29th May 2020

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A 68 year old man died due to Covid-19. The announcement was made on Friday night by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and Ministry of Health.

The man was suffering from other chronic health conditions.

This announcement, the second of the day, increases the country’s death toll due to Covid-19 to nine.

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No new cases today, 13 recover.

Health Superintendent Prof Charmaine Gauci returns to the media table for the last presser of the week.

After confirming the death of the 56-year-old announced by the Ministry this morning, Prof Gauci said that 13 persons have recovered in the past 24 hours, bringing this total to 514. With no new cases registered during the same timeframe, the number of cases has gone down once again to 94, after hovering over a 100 for around a week. 1,193 tests were carried out.

Prof Gauci also tackled the four cases identified the day before, which included two carers who are employed at Karin Grech Hospital.

Only one of these four cases was not linked to any previous case.

Questioned about the re-opening of the airport, Gauci said that the health authorities were in discussions with MTA, preparing the necessary protocols while also following the situation in other countries, in consideration of which destinations would be re-allowed to re-open.


The Ministry of Health has confirmed that a 56 year old man died after contracting the novel coronavirus.

The man was undergoing treatment at Mater Dei Hospital after being identified as positive on the 17th May. He had a number of underlying chronic health conditions.

The eight victim passed away this night.


It has already been a week since the second round of easing of restrictions came into effect, with the second weekend expected to provide a better indication of the willingness of the Maltese to make use of the opportunity to visit their favourite restaurant or cafeteria. Last week, owners of hairdressing and barbering salons reporting a significant degree of activity, while restaurateurs had mixed reactions.

Yesterday, the Health Ministry confirmed that four new cases of coronavirus in Malta were identified during the previous 24 hours, from 1137 tests. There were also ten new recoveries, bringing down the number of active cases to 108. The total number of infections has reached 615.

€55 million paid from wage supplement

More than €55 million have been paid through the Covid-19 Wage Supplement so far, according to Economy Minister Silvio Schembri. Applications for the salary supplement have now risen to more than 20,000, covering in excess of 93,000 jobs.

Of these, more than 91% have been processed. Employers will continue receiving the
wage supplement till next June. The Minister said that the Government will soon announce another set of measures to stimulate and incentivise the economy and investment.

These measures secured thousands of jobs during this crisis. Despite this support, unemployment rose by 0.4 percentage points from March to reach 4.0 percent in April. Figures released by the National Statistic Office yesterday showed that the number of unemployed persons increased for the fourth month in a row, climbing to 10,816 from 9,191 in January.

This is the first time that the unemployment rate hit the 4.0 percent mark since March 2018, and it was kept at its lowest rate of 3.3 percent between May and August 2019. Compared with the same month last year, April’s rate increased by 0.6 percent reflecting a difference in absolute numbers of 1,890 persons.

Almost €12 million have been paid in the 9th social benefits payment process to those persons who had their employment affected by Covid-19. So far, 11,046 applications have been submitted, with 99% of these being processed and 7,569 persons having already been paid. Among these are 5,991 who have received parental benefits, medical or disability benefits, this while retaining their employment. There were 562 persons who stopped their benefits as they returned back to work.


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