Live Update: Covid-19 Bulletin Malta – Friday 10th April 2020

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900 tests were carried out in the past 24 hours. These resulted in new 13 positive cases. The total of coronavirus-infected persons in Malta now stands at 350. This was announced by Prof Charmaine Gauci in her daily briefing.

The cases include an 83 year old currently hospitalised in the Gozo General Hospital. She has other underlying conditions but her condition is overall stable. Following contact tracing in the same hospital, two members of staff who operated in the same ward were identified as positive despite not showing any symptoms.

Another case includes a carer who volunteers at Zammit Clapp hospital. The necessary contact tracing is currently taking place.

Another two cases concern 88-year old women. One of them currently resides at San Vincenz de Paule Residence, while the other has been hospitalised at the Infectious Diseases Unit. Prof Gauci explained that the health authorities are working hand in hand with the entity responsible for licencing homes for the elderly to identify the best way forward, in view of the new cases that have developed in these nursing homes.

An eight year old Syrian is among the new patients.

There has been a significant rise in cases where the tested person carried no symptoms.

Prof Gauci confirmed that the authorities will be publishing in the coming days a map showing the locality of persons who have contracted the virus.

Updated 1230

Times of Malta is reporting that schools are being instructed to provide online teaching until the end of the scholastic year. However there is no requirement for schools and teachers to live stream any lessons.

Schools have now been closed for almost a month.

The package was agreed by the MUT as well as representatives from Government, Church and private schools.


The statues depicting the Passion of Christ that are typically carried around Malta’s towns on Good Friday will lay in silence in their respective Churches. While the country’s population had perhaps started to adopt to the new reality of restricted movement while waiting for the daily tally of new cases, the announcements of the first two deaths provided perhaps another hard-hitting reminder of the dangerous reality we find ourselves in.

337 persons have been infected so far in Malta – and as Prof Charmaine Gauci, the Health Superintendent remind its viewers yesterday, “this is still the beginning”.

On the upside 11 persons recovered from Covid-19 so that now the total number of those who recovered is 16. Those who recovered from the virus will remain in quarantine as a precuation for another fifteen days. There were 38 new patients who tested positive for Covid-19 from the 1,018 tests conducted in the last 24 hours. The ages of the new patients vary from 4 to 69. There are also two pregnant women, two children, and an elderly Gozitan who already had underlying health conditions. The new cases were all ones of local transmission. This means that, so far, 337 persons have tasted positive for the virus.

Notice to Antonio Piscopo Wine and Spirits (PAOLA) clients

We would like to remind clients who frequented the Antonio Piscopo’s wine and spirits establishment in Paola from 6 April onwards to call 111 should they experience fever or other symptoms. Yesterday, Health authorities announced that a worker at the establishment tested positive for Covid-19. The health authorities are in contact with the establishment with regard to the disinfection of the place.

Another establishment which was closed and disinfected as a precaution is Scan Malta where two workers tested positive for the virus. The supermarket Valyou and part
of the Playmobil factory was also disinfected after cases of Covid-19 were found among the workers.

Inspections result in 38 fines

38 persons were fined €100 each during the continuous patrols that the Police are doing to ensure that there are no groups of more than 3 individuals gathered in public places as per the legal notice issued by the government. Moreover, a snack bar at San Pawl il-Baħar was found open serving clients and was fined €3,000 for breaking the regulations ordaining its closure in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Economy – So far, 62,766 jobs have been saved by the government’s strong financial package to help companies hit by the economic consequences of Covid-19. 52,703 are full-time workers and more than 10,000 are part-timers. As from next week, these will start to be given the payment due to them with retroactive effect from 9 March. For full-timers the supplement is €800 whereas for part-timers it is €500. So far there have been 9,474 applications from the self-employed and 2,877 from companies to benefit from the Covid-19 wage supplement. This investment in workers’ wages in the months of March and April amounts to one hundred million euros.

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