Lisbon to improve parking for residents

epa07512606 Portuguese drivers wait to fuel their cars during the fuel truck drivers strike, in Lisbon, Portugal, 17 April 2019. The minimum service decreed because of Portugal's national strike of hazardous goods lorry drivers covers 40 percent of regular operations of fuel supply in filling stations in Lisbon and Porto metropolitan areas, according to an order published in the state journal, Diario da Republica. EPA-EFE/MIGUEL A. LOPES

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Lisbon City Council has opened public consultations on proposed changes to parking and tariffs in the city.

According to mobility councillor, Miguel Gaspar, the new regulations, first presented to the press on 15 July, aim mainly to “improve the availability of car parking for residents” in the Portuguese capital.

Under the proposed changes, if they don’t already possess one, residents will be given a “resident parking disc” free of charge by Lisbon’s Municipal Mobility and Parking Company, EMEL.

Large families, with three or more children, where the youngest is up to 2 years old, “will be able to apply for a parking space at the door of their home”.

EMEL will also create two new tariffs for the new brown and black parking zones, which will cost two euros and three euros per hour, respectively, up to a maximum of two hours.

The Council also intends to simplify access to historic areas of the city in order to support ageing residents, also to carry out night and weekend guard duties in these areas.

As for scooters, “real-time data sharing in the city will be provided for” and “mechanisms will be put into place so that the council can charge for the [improper] parking of scooters”.


Via Portugal News

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