Lisbon Airport operations restricted due to fuel strike

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Portugal’s Airport Authority (ANA)has complained that the pace of resupplying Lisbon Airport with fuel is “insufficient and is at levels well below those stipulated for minimum services,” causing “operating restrictions.

ANA said that it was continuously assessing the impact of the drivers’ strike on fuel supplies at all the airports in its network.

The “insufficient” rate of refuelling so far has already led to the implementation of operating restrictions, “notably the reduction of aircraft refuelling”.

Three days into a strike, Portuguese fuel tanker drivers have rejected a new government decree requiring them to fulfill minimum services or face arrest or even jail.

Strikers reacted angrily after proceedings began against 14 drivers who did not comply with the decree.

The government is trying to stop the strike hitting key tourist areas.

Officials are particularly keen to protect Lisbon airport and the southern Algarve coastal region, and the military and police have been drafted in to help move fuel stocks to areas that are running dry.

Via Portugal News/ BBC/Bloomberg

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