Link between Christchurch attacker and European far-right group

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Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz said that Australian white supremacist Brenton Tarrant, responsible for the Christchurch massacre in two mosques, had a financial link to the European far-right movement Generation Identity.

Martin Sellner, head of the movement’s Austrian chapter, received €1,500 in early 2018 from a donor with the same name as the man charged with murdering 50 people at two mosques in New Zealand.

Kurz added that the Austrian government was considering steps to dissolve this far-right group.

Police searched Sellner’s apartment on Monday and seized electronic devices to investigate a the donation from a person named Tarrant.

Sellner on his part said apart from stating that he had nothing  to do with Tarrant, added that he cannot ask every donor whether he has  terroristic intentions for the future and if in the affirmative to take his money back.

Investigators are now looking into whether there were any “criminally significant” links between the Generation Identity leader and the New Zealand attacker.


Via The Independent

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