Libyan Ministry of Interior declare state of general alarm and high-alert status
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The Ministry of Interior declared the state of general alarm and the high-alert status in all its security units.

On its Facebook, the ministry called on all citizens to cooperate with security men on any suspicious acts or security breaches.

The ministry assured citizens that the security situation is under control in the area between Zliten and Khoms, noting that the road has been reopened after security measures were completed.

In the meantime  30 km-away from Tripoli Qasar Bengashir has been the scene for military escalation as several vehicles were seen deployed in the area.

This new escalation is seen by many observers as the beginning of a new fighting in southern Tripoli.

Several brigades, mostly under the Presidential Council’s government Interior Ministry, including Nawasi and Tripoli Revolutionaries clashed more than once with forces securing Qasar Bengashir – Seventh Brigade of Defense Ministry based in Tarhouna.

Tarhouna and Nawahi Al-Araba’s Elders and Dignitaries Councils said in a statement that the seventh brigade and central backup force are just securing the administrative borders with southern Tripoli.

“The seventh brigade is under the Presidential Council. There should be coordination among brigades so the cities overlooking the capital can be secured.” The statement reads.

“An armed group of Nawasi and Tripoli Revolutionaries brigades attacked our positions and central backup force’s positions in Qasar Bengashir after it had toughened the grip on some of those brigades’ commanders who smuggle drugs in the area.” The seventh brigade said in a statement clarifying its stance.


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