Libya negotiating exchange of prisoners with Italy

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The Libya Observer reports that the Libyan Ambassador to Rome, Omar al-Tarhouni, announced that the Italian government had agreed to begin negotiating an agreement on the exchange of prisoners with Libya.

Libyan embassy in Rome will also start organizing visits to Libyan detainees in Italian prisons.

The embassy called on families of Libyan prisoners in Italy to reach out to the consular affairs at the embassy, indicating that it will facilitate all arrangements required, from visa applications to their meeting of their sons imprisoned in Italy.

Libyan Ambassador al-Tarhouni was quoted as saying that the Libyan embassy succeeded in convincing the Italian authorities to begin negotiating a draft agreement on the exchange of prisoners, which is likely to start discussions at the beginning of May,” the Libyan ambassador said.

He also reiterated that the embassy will continue its efforts to end the suffering of Libyan families, whose sons are held in Italian prisons.

A number of young Libyans have been held in Italian prisons for years, for charges of illegal immigration smuggling.

Via The Libya Observer


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