UPDATED: Libya calls for postponement of EU mission, EU clarifies no mission was scheduled

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell. EPA-EFE/JAVIER LIZON / POOL

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“We have not announced any” European mission in Libya but “we emphasize that on this front too, the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy”, Josep Borrell, “is very involved and in constant contact with all the relevant partners and what he is it is important to reach the political solution “.

Similar comments were expressed by the EU spokesman for foreign affairs, Peter Stano, speaking in Brussels. “The escalation of violence brings nothing else but more suffering, more destruction and more instability in the region,” concluded the spokesman.

In the meantime, a meeting between the foreign ministers of Egypt, Italy, France, Greece and Cyprus is scheduled for Wednesday 8 to discuss the current situation in Libya. The Egyptian Foreign Ministry will host the meeting.

Earlier, the Libya Foreign Minister of the Tripoli government, Mohamed Siala, said on TV “Libya Al Ahrar” that his government of national agreement asked the EU delegation for a postponement of the mission to Tripoli, scheduled for tomorrow, January 7th.

The European diplomatic mission, led by High Representative Joseph Borrell and Italian, French, German and British Foreign Ministers, was expected to go in the North African country to try to achieve a ceasefire and the resumption of talks between the two conflicting factions, the Tripoli government recognized by Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj and General Khalifa Haftar.

Meanwhile, this morning the commander of the Tripoli Army Backup Force, Nasir Ammar, he told Al Jazeera that an elite group of Turkish soldiers specializing in radar jamming and air defence have arrived in Tripoli. The United States Embassy in Libya strongly condemns the military escalation and calls for dialogue between the forces on the field.


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