Liam and Emma most popular names for new-borns in Switzerland

epa05770775 The Swiss flag flies at the Mont Blanc bridge which crosses the Lake Geneva with the famous fountain 'Jet d'Eau' seen in the background on the bank of the lake of Geneva, during a strong wind, in Geneva, Switzerland, 04 February 2017. EPA/SALVATORE DI NOLFI

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Liam is the most popular name for male new-borns in Switzerland according to annual statistics published on Monday and Emma among females.

For the 42,838 girls and 45,013 boys born in Switzerland last year, Emma, Mia, Sofia, Elena and Lea were the commonest for girls; Liam, Noah, Leon, Luca and Elias for boys.

The Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO) said that tastes change according to the linguistic region.

In German-speaking Switzerland the top spots were taken by Noah and Mia, in the French-speaking part of the country it was Liam and Emma, in Italian-speaking Switzerland it was Leonardo and Sofia and Romansh speakers went for Alessio and Chiara.

The picture is very different when it comes to the total population, with traditional names dominating with Liam, Noah, Emma and Mia not even making the overall top 20. Daniel, Peter, Thomas, Hans and Christian are the most common names for Swiss males, and for females it’s Maria (by far), Anna, Ursula, Sandra and Ruth.

Via Swissinfo

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