Leading US Senator warns: US must put the EU first and Britain second

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Chris Murphy, a rising star in Democratic Party, during a visit to London, stressed that there was strong and growing bipartisan view in the Senate and House of Representatives in Washington that the US should have a trade agreement with the European Union before one takes place with the UK.

He also spoke of the “deep concern” in Washington about the chaotic state of the political process in the United Kingdom.

Murphy, a Democrat member of the Senate committees on foreign affairs and on oversight and government reform, any bilateral deal between Washington and London will be “years down the line” and stressed that Congress “would think very carefully” about giving London precedence over the EU.

Damage to the European Union would be “a gift” to Russia, Mr Murphy stated as it will help them in weakening the EU. Russia is surreptitiously trying to get countries to leave the EU and if their message is that a bilateral free trade agreement with the US awaits upon departure from the EU, then it makes their case more persuasive.

The senator said there was “big bipartisan support for a trade relationship with Britain” but also “big support for a relationship with the European Union.”

Murphy pointed out that the head of the Committee on Overseas Trade in the House, Richie Neill, is the most prominent member of the Irish American caucus and he will be asking lots of questions, about the peace process in Northern Ireland before anything happens.

Unless there is certainty about how the UK is going to put off a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, Murphy added that there isn’t going to be a lot of interest in congress in the US getting into a trade deal with Britain.

Via The Independent

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