Johnson’s Brexit deal gets setback in the ‘Lords’

epaselect epa06568186 A British Union flag and the the flag of the European Union flutter near an anti-Brexit protest in London, Britain 27 February 2018. British Prime Minister Theresa May is due to address the issue of the Britain's future relationship with the EU on 02 March 2018. EPA-EFE/NEIL HALL

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Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal has received a setback in the Lords over the right of EU citizens lawfully residing in Britain to be allowed physical proof of their status.

The Guardian reports that peers backed a cross-party amendment to the European Union (withdrawal agreement) bill allowing them physical proof of their status – the first defeat for the government since the general election.

The result is expected to be overturned by the Commons, as Johnson enjoys a big majority.

“The Lords passed the amendment, moved by Liberal Democrat peer Jonny Oates, by 270 votes to 229. It would give EU citizens in the UK the automatic right to stay, rather than having to apply to the Home Office, and would ensure they can get physical proof of their rights”, the report adds.

Around three million EU citizens live in the UK – and they have until at least July 2021 to make an application for settled status.

The scheme aims to help EU citizens and their families live and work in the UK once freedom of movement comes to an end as a result of Brexit.

Via The Guardian / Sky News 


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