Johnson vows to take Britain out of EU by end of January

epaselect epa07928140 British Prime Minister Boris Johnson holds a news conference during a Brexit summit in Brussels, Belgium, 17 October 2019. According to reports, the EU and the British government have reached a deal for Brexit. EPA-EFE/JULIEN WARNAND

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Boris Johnson has said that, if he wins the election, he will take Britain out of the EU “by the end of January”, claiming that Jeremy Corbyn would plunge Britain back into another year of Brexit “dither and delay”. That timetable would dash the hopes of some Tory Brexiters that Mr Johnson could move swiftly after a December 12 election victory to ratify his “oven ready” Brexit before Christmas.

In the first big election exchanges on Brexit, Mr Johnson wrote to the Labour leader on Monday night claiming that only the Tories could end the Brexit impasse: “We will leave with the new deal that is already agreed by the end of January.”

The prime minister argued that, since his exit deal had already been negotiated and awaited a Tory parliamentary majority to ratify it, talk of a no-deal Brexit was no longer relevant. Number 10, however, confirmed that civil servants continued to make preparations for a no-deal departure on January 31 because it was the legal “default position”.

Via Financial Times 

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