Johnson and Corbyn hit the campaign trail for UK Christmas election

epa07956717 Pro-EU and pro-leave EU campaigners outside parliament in London, Britain, 28 October 2019. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is awaiting today's vote at parliament on his general election motion. EPA-EFE/ANDY RAIN

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn will embark on their first full day of election campaigning on Thursday, pitching their starkly different visions for the country ahead of a highly unpredictable December poll.

On the day Britain had been scheduled to leave the European Union, the Conservative Party’s Johnson and Labour’s Corbyn will join other political leaders in fanning out around the country ahead of a Dec. 12 election.

Johnson will accuse the 70-year-old socialist of threatening the country’s future with his plan to hold another referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union and possibly another on Scottish independence.

Britain will hold its first Christmas election since 1923 after Johnson failed in his “do or die” promise to deliver Brexit by Oct. 31.

Via Reuters

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