Johnson and Corbyn clash over Brexit in election debate

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Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn have clashed over Brexit in the first TV election debate of the campaign.

Mr Johnson promised to “end this national misery” and said Labour offered “only division and deadlock”.

Mr Corbyn said Labour would “get Brexit sorted by giving you, the people, the final say”.

The two leaders also locked horns over the NHS, trust and leadership, the future of Scotland – and the Royal Family.

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg said it was not clear if either men had won or lost the debate but it was striking how the audience had been ready to laugh at their statements.

Neither seemed to land a knockout blow, with ITV News Political Editor Robert Peston describing “no significant fluffs”.

A Twitter poll run by ITV News Political Correspondent Paul Brand asking for who people believed won the debate resulted in 78% voting for the Labour leader.

A snap YouGov poll suggested the public were evenly split on who had won the debate, “with most Labour voters thinking Jeremy Corbyn won, most Conservative voters thinking Boris Johnson won”.


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