Johnnson’s victory, the healing, the UK’s future, Brexit and Labour – The Day After

epa08067954 British Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivers a victory speech to supporters following election results in London, Britain, 13 December 2019. Britain's Conservatives won their biggest majority in general elections since the 1980s, hailing a mandate to take the UK out of the EU. EPA-EFE/NEIL HALL

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The British press presents the main messages following Boris Johnson’s success in Thursday’s elections.

Boris Johnson is dreaming of a “re-United Kingdom” according to the Daily Express.  The Scotsman’s front pages hints at the trouble ahead following the SNP’s success with Nicola Sturgeon set to increase calls for a new independence referendum. The Sun describes Boris Johnson’s election victory as “Brexcellent”. The Independent says outgoing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has refused to “take the rap” for his party’s election disaster. “Tidings of comfort and joy” writes The Daily Telegraph as the paper celebrates Boris Johnson’s election success. The Times reports on Boris Johnson’s pledge to “heal the divisions of Brexit” following his election victory. Senior Labour officials have begun rebuilding the party following the “Election Catastrophe”, the Daily Mirror writes. The i says the Tory victory will now spark a “Battle for the United Kingdom” with Scotland and a united Ireland on the agenda. “We did it!” That’s the message on the front of today’s Daily Mail. The Financial Times says investors are “elated” following Mr Johnson’s victory which the prime minister described as a “stonking majority”.


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