John Bolton holds meetings on post Brexit relations between UK and USA

epa07759265 US National Security Advisor John Bolton participates in the International Conference for Democracy in Venezuela, in Lima, Peru, 06 August 2019. The direct objective of the blockade imposed on the assets of the Government of Venezuela in the US are Maduro and the 'illegitimate institutions run by him' as well as all those that allow his dictatorship or 'undermine the democratically elected interim president Juan Guaido', said US National Security Advisor John Bolton. EPA-EFE/Paolo Aguilar

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John Bolton, the US national security adviser, has started two days of meetings in London with key figures in Boris Johnson’s government as the US pitches to steer a post-Brexit UK further away from Europe on a range of issues including trade, the Iran nuclear deal and the role of the Chinese technology firm Huawei.

The Guardian reports that Bolton will be testing how the UK intends to position itself as a country “freeing itself of the shackles of the EU” at the G7 summit to behosted by the French president, Emmanuel Macron, in Biarritz later this month.

His visit is a chance to test how far Johnson’s premiership is leading to tangible initial changes in UK security policy. If Britain were abandon the concept of a European maritime security force in the Gulf, for example, that could be seen as a prelude to a deeper shift on Ira.

The summit, the first opportunity for Trump to meet Johnson since he became prime minister, is likely to be dominated by transatlantic disagreements over Iran and the value of multilateralism. In an admission that the UK may be edging closer to the US, Macron is not looking for a declaration signed by all seven countries, but coalitions of the willing on specific subjects instead.

Via The Guardian

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