Japan does not plan to retract or renegotiate controls on South Korean hi-tech exports

epa07696305 South Korean merchants step on boxes bearing logos of Japanese products during a protest rally calling for a boycott of Japanese goods, near the Japanese embassy in Seoul, South Korea, 05 July 2019. The protest followed the Japanese government's recent steps to restrict the export of key chemicals to South Korean semiconductor and display manufacturers. EPA-EFE/KIM CHUL-SOO

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Japan said Tuesday it does not plan to retract or renegotiate its stricter controls on high-tech exports to South Korea, a day after the South Korean president urged that the issue be resolved through diplomacy.

Tokyo tightened the approval process for Japanese shipments of photoresists and other sensitive materials to South Korean companies last week.

Japanese officials say such materials can be exported only to trustworthy trading partners, hinting at security risks without citing specific cases. They have rejected suggestions that the move was driven by a deterioration in ties between the two countries related to historical issues.

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