Italy’s new Government sworn in, almost 90 days after last election and on the eve the Italian Republic Day holiday.

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The Italian President swore in the new Government, almost 90 days since the election held last March on the eve of the nation’s Republic Day holiday, the day in 1946 when Italy abolished the monarchy and gave birth to the First Republic.

The ceremony Friday afternoon capped a roller-coaster week of political and financial turmoil that saw stock markets around the world plunge and Italy’s borrowing rates soar on the threat of a new election in Europe’s third-largest economy.

The new Lega-M5s government featurs a mix of anti-establishment and right-wing ministers who have promised an “Italy first” agenda, which somehow has alarmed Europe’s political establishment. The Government will be led by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. 

AP reports that “President Sergio Mattarella, who negotiated through three months of political deadlock to finally find a workable government, presided over the ceremony in the gilded Quirinale Palace. Eighteen ministers — five of them women — took the oath of office, pledging to observe Italy’s constitution and work exclusively in the interests of the nation. The ministers feature a mix of 5-Star and League loyalists, and a political neophyte in the form of Premier-designate Giuseppe Conte, who was still teaching his law classes at the university in Florence up until Thursday.”

M5s Luigi di Maio, who took the seat of Economic Development Minister, celebrated the feat by posting a selfie saying ” Look what a show! This is the team of ministers of the 5 Star Movement.” We are so many and ready to start the government of change and improve the quality of life of all Italians Ministers are either our parliamentarians and historical exponents “.

 We are so many, Di Maio's first selfie with the ministers of the M5s

On the otherhand, Lega’s Matteo Salvini, who is responsible for Home Affairs, when asked whether the new Government will last 5 years, he answered that it will last 10 years. Several Italian media outlets pointed out that Lega’s leader went with a bracelet of Ac Milan, the football team previously owned by Silvio Berlusconi, who ran with Salvini in March’s election.


The first meeting of the cabinet of Ministers took place later on, on Friday. The programme of works of the new Italian government is based on a contract signed between La Lega and Movimento Cinque Stelle, in the past weeks.

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