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According to research conducted by Aidepo, the Association of Italian sweet and pasta industries 56% of pasta produced in Italy ends up on the foreign markets.

This means that Italian pasta factories allocate a share of their production to exports , against an average of 10% of the total agri-food companies.

This makes pasta, Italy’s best export product.

Compared to a quarter of a century ago, the love for Italian pasta abroad has increased considerably. The recipient countries of the product are today 200, increased by 34% in 25 years, and the export share has doubled, from 740 thousand to over 2 million tons . The biggest market for pasta is the European, so much so that about 3 pasta dishes out of 4 consumed in the Old Continent come from an Italian pasta factory.

The three most important markets for our companies are Germany , France and the United Kingdom, with around one billion pasta dishes served per year and a value of almost one billion euros.

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