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Seven domestic arrest warrants were issued after an elderly woman was held in a cage, or in the bed surrounded by bars, her hairs were pulled violently in the hospice residence she used to live in Roccagorga (Latina).

She used to be slapped and the hospice house where the elderly women was held, used  to tug her and insulting her heavily.

The Italian military found about the mistreatment suffered by one of the guests, following the interceptions by police.

Arrest warrants were issued also against the owners of the residence.

The warrants were issued by the magistrate of the Latina Court, Pierpaolo Bortone, who ordered the preventive seizure of the entire structure and the simultaneous transfer of the guests present.

The restrictive measures , carried out between the towns of Roccagorga (Latina), Maenza (Latina) and Sezze (Latina), concern the owner of the facility, his wife and five other social-health workers, three of whom are of Romanian nationality.

Based on reports on Ansa.It and TgCom



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