Italy suffers setback as Monday’s death tally increases again

An external view of the Chigi Palace. EPA-EFE/FABIO FRUSTACI

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Yesterday’s glimmer of hope in Italy was followed by a setback today with 636 persons losing their lives after being infected with coronavirus.On Sunday 525 people had died.

On the other hand, authorities announced that there was a slight reduction in the number of cases which has now gone below 2,000. Slight improvements have also been registered in the Lombardy region, including in the city of Milan, the hotspot of the virus.

Despite the increase in deaths, authorities remained optimistic, with Deputy Minister for Health Pierpaolo Sileri declaring himself confident that people will be able to start going again “within a few weeks”. This comment was however immediately shot down by a member of the scientific-technical committee which is advising Government on the matter, insisting that despite the slight improvement in figures, “containment should remain at the highest levels”.

Further decisions on the so called “Phase 2 containment measures” are expected today week.

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