Italy on the alert for foreign fighters escaping from Libya

epa02951751 Libyan rebel fighters block their ears as they fire a rocket against pro-Gadhafi fighters, Sirte,Libya, 05 October 2011. According to media report on 04 October, rebels still fighting to take one of the last bastions of fugitive leader Muammar Gaddafi's supporters. Meanwhitle US defence Secretary Leon Panetta said on 05 October, the United States is preparing dramatic cuts to its defence budget, so European allies will have to take on greater responsibilities within NATO. EPA/MOHAMED MESSARA

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The Italian Interior Ministry issued a directive aimed at dealing with terrorists possibly escaping and arriving from war torn Libya.

The Ministry warned that hundreds of Islamic terrorists could arrive in Italy taking advantage of the chaos in Libya.

During a visit to Rome, Libyan Deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Maitig warned that some 400 ISIS fighters held in Tripoli and Misrata may take advantage of the chaos in Libya and flee to Europe, told the foreign press in Rome Tuesday. Maitig said in a meeting with Interior Minister Matteo Salvini that there is a risk of terrorists escaping from prison in Libya and fleeing to Italy.

Salvini for his part added that Haftar’s “blitz” on Tripoli had “failed” and that Italy would do all it can to help bring peace to the country.
Earlier, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said that there is a risk of foreign fighters arriving from Libya if migrant flows surge due to the chaos because of the current fighting.

Conte said Italy is very concerned about the Libya crisis and is working to avert a humanitarian crisis that may expose Italy to the risk of the arrival of foreign fighters. He said it is imperative to avert an escalation”, he said.

Dozens have been killed in fighting in Libya since Khalifa Haftar ordered his Libyan National Army (LNA) forces to advance on Tripoli, where the UN-backed Government of National Accord is located.

Italy’s ‘closed ports’ policy may not be enough if there is a migrant surge as feared from war torn Libya warned Italian Transport Minister Danilo Toninelli .

Toninelli told Italian radio that if thousands of asylum seekers were to flee Libya due to the fighting, the closed ports approach cannot be enough, and other European ports will have to handle the situation with a redistribution of migrants.

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