Italy fixes price of masks at 61 cents

Photos showing citizens of Genoa wearing different types of protective masks during the coronavirus pandemic in Genoa, Italy. EPA-EFE/LUCA ZENNARO

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The price of coronavirus facemasks in Italy is to remain 61 cents, extraordinary procurement commissioner Domenico Arcuri said Tuesday. “Unfortunately for the speculators and other similar categories, that’s they way it’s gong to be,” he said.

Arcuri announced a forthcoming deal with Italy’s 50,000 tobacconists to sell the masks.
He said it was not up to him to make deals with pharmacies.

50-cent facemasks have been sold out by almost all pharmacies in Rome and other cities where they have been delivered while they have yet to be delivered in other major cities like Milan and Turin, Federfarma President Marco Cossolo said Monday.

“We’re back to scratch on this,” said the head of the pharmaceutical companies’ federation. He said pharmacies were willing to sell them at the knock-down government ordered price, which translates into 66 cents with VAT included, “but the huge quantities promised.

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