Italian health authorities issue alert about e-cigarettes

epa07673754 (FILE) - A person smokes an electronic cigarette in Nice, France, 05 March 2013 (reissued 26 June 2019). San Francisco became the first US city to ban electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) sales until their health effects are clearer. The city's board of supervisors on 25 June 2019 unanimously voted in favor of an ordinance saying that 'No person shall sell or distribute an electronic cigarette to a person in San Francisco.' The ban on sale and distribution will start in early 2020, and remain in place until US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, media reported. EPA-EFE/SEBASTIEN NOGIER

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The Italian Higher Health Institute (ISS) has issued a grade 2 alert about e-cigarettes to the health ministry and regional health councillors across Italy,.

A grade two alert is the second highest on a scale of three.
The goal of the alert  is “to be vigilant about serious lung disease among people who use electronic cigarettes”.

Officials should be particularly concerned about certain liquids used in the vaping equipment, the ISS said.

“They should monitor the onset of serious pulmonary lesions like those detected in the USA”, the institute said.

The alert, confirmed to ANSA by health sources, was issued on October 10 by the ISS’s National Early Warning System.

The decision was taken on the basis of reports received by the European Observatory on drugs and addictions in Lisbon.

A grade two alert flags up the risk of minor health damage and the spread of substances on the illegal market.



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