Irish officials dismiss Boris Johnson’s Brexit offer as ‘unacceptable’

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Boris Johnson’s final “take it or leave it” Brexit offer to Brussels is in danger of being dead on arrival after it was rounded on by government and opposition parties in Ireland.

The prime minister’s proposals were described as unworkable, unacceptable and illegal under British domestic law, which bans any new infrastructure on the Irish border that did not exist before Brexit day.

“If this is the final offer, then there is not a deal to be had,” said one EU official.

Ireland’s European affairs minister, Helen McEntee, said the plans would not be acceptable to Dublin and raised doubts that Johnson was sincere in wanting a deal.

She said: “What we are talking about again is picking and choosing certain parts of the single market that would be aligned in Northern Ireland. It is talking about a time limit, which again is not acceptable.”

The Invisible Border
 The sculpture ‘Hands Across the Divide’ by northern Irish sculptor Maurice Harron is seen in Londonderry in northern Ireland, Britain.


Via The Guardian

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