Ignorance destroying heritage, all the time.

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In Malta ignorance destroys heritage all the time, building in archeological sites, lack of preservation of traditional streetscapes and village cores, vandalism and neglect are unfortunately all too common, making most of us desensitized to the need of heritage preservation and conservation.

In the early hours of Saturday, a historic wooden arch dating back to 1899 used to celebrate the feast of Floriana’s patron saint, St Publius, was burnt to the ground. The arch had been used between 1899 and 1939, it had survived the bombings of World Ward II, but had been felt to rot in long-term storage for decades.

Heritage sites both built and natural ones are regularly vandalized. Just yesterday Torri Vincenti, on the outskirts of Mqabba, which was built in 1726 was defaced with what appears to be black tar.

 Let’s wake up before it is too late.

This piece is based on the opinion of Tony Cassar, in his piece which featured on Medium. The views of the author on the matter, reflect ours at Corporate Dispatch

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