Hungarian authorities stopped food distribution for rejected asylum seekers – HRW
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Hungarian authorities have stopped food distribution for rejected asylum seekers held in transit zones on the country’s border with Serbia since early August, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW).

In a report published on Wednesday, HRW called for the Hungarian government to adhere to its legal obligations and ensure that all asylum seekers in custody are provided with sufficient and appropriate food.

Al Jazeerab adds  “The government has stooped to a new inhumane low by refusing food to people in their custody, apparently revelling in breaching human rights law, including its obligations as a European Union member,” said Lydia Gall, Eastern EU and Balkans researcher at HRW.

“This disregard for people’s wellbeing smacks of a cynical move to force people to give up their asylum claims and leave Hungary”.

The migrants are held in the two transit centres on the border with Serbia. They are not allowed to leave during the processing of their application unless they choose to return.

Two Afghan families and two Syrian brothers are among those denied food after their asylum applications were rejected under a new admissibility procedure.

While a breastfeeding woman and children in the Afghan families were provided with food, they were prohibited from sharing it with other family members, the families’ legal representatives told HRW.


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