Haftar eyes ‘liberating’ Tripoli, criticises Italy
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Khalifa Haftar said Thursday that “Tripoli crisis shouldn’t go longer and liberating the Libyan capital is inevitable.”

The Libya Observer

Speaking to tribal leaders in Benghazi, he declared that he would “liberate” Tripoli through a well-structured plan to end what he called “militias’ rule.”

He disclosed that he has contacts with some “militias” to help them get out of the country and start businesses abroad.

“But if you decide to return home, then you will be prosecuted,” he told the “militia” leaders, promising to help them settle abroad through Libyan embassies.

“We will not be silent about the current situations in Tripoli anymore,” he vowed.

criticized Italy saying “there are people who highly praise it despite their knowledge that Italy is as an enemy to us.”

“Worshipping Italy and implementing their demands is a real problem,” he remarked.

Haftar rejected the current draft constitution saying “it’s a disaster and must be substituted.”

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