Germany and the Netherlands suspend military training in Iraq

epa07572677 (FILE) - German army trainers show Kurdish Peshmerga soldiers how to use a machine-gun during a training exercise at the Bnaslawa training camp in Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan region on 09 March 2016 (reissued 15 May 2019). German media reports on 15 May 2019 state Germany will halt training of Iraqi military personnel due to increasing tensions in the region. The move that includes partners of the anti-IS coalition is said to be precautionary, there is no information regarding possible plans of attacks against German military targets in the region. EPA-EFE/AHMED JALIL

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Germany and the Netherlands are  suspending military training operations in Iraq due to increasing regional tensions and an unspecified threat.

The Germany Defence Ministry said it has no indications of its own of attacks supported by Iran and added that training programmes could resume in the coming days. The Dutch defence ministry said Dutch soldiers had also suspended their training mission due to an unspecified threat

Focus Online said the decision had been taken in coordination with partner countries fighting Islamic State in the region.


Via Reuters

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