German secret service advises against Huawei cooperation for 5G

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The BND, the German intelligence service, expressed fear that Huawei Technologies is not a trustworthy partner to build Germany’s fifth-generation mobile networks (5G).
The remarks were made by a representative of the BND to a committee of lawmakers.

A German Foreign Ministry Official, at the same meeting, said it would be hard to work with a company that cooperates with its national secret service.

It’s above all a matter of trustworthiness and of the impact on our relationship with our allies,” the Foreign Ministry official told the committee, adding that Germany is in contact with partner nations on the issue.

Bloomberg News reports that German intelligence officials have been pushing the government to stop Huawei from playing a part in the building of 5G infrastructure in the country.

There are serious concerns in Germany that Huawei could help China steal German corporate secrets.

Germany plans to start an auction of 5G airwaves on March 19, though legal challenges to its design by multiple carriers risk delaying the process.


Via Bloomberg News

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