German police foil major attacks with weapons and explosives

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Police in western and southern parts of Germany arrested 10 people suspected to be planning a major attack with weapons and explosives.

Raids were carried out on Friday and Saturday in 10 cities across the western German state of North Rhine Westphalia and one in Ulm in Baden-Württemberg.

Little details have been revealed by the authorities about the case but one of the suspects was confirmed as a Tajikistan national.

German officials said the suspects were arrested for allegedly plotting a “serious, state-endangering crime” while local media reported they were supporters of the so-called Islamic State.

German media later on Saturday reported that the 10 suspects had been released but investigations were continuing.

Prosecutors said the raids were conducted after a 19-year-old Tajik man drove a car at excessive speeds through a pedestrian zone in Essen. The man, an Essen resident, was stopped and arrested. Police are investigating the vehicle, which authorities said was an Opel Astra compact car.

Via DW

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