German parliament approves climate protection plan

epa07994993 Members of parliament vote during a session of the German parliament 'Bundestag' in Berlin, Germany, 14 November 2019. The plenary discussed, among others, the solidarity tax and the competitiveness of the German industry. EPA-EFE/FELIPE TRUEBA

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German lawmakers voted to enshrine climate protection in law on Friday.

The new legislation will target sectors like energy, transport and housing. It aims to cut Germany’s greenhouse gas emissions to 55% of the 1990 levels by 2030. Parts of the so-called “climate packet” still need approval.

“Every minister who doesn’t stick to the goals will have to explain themselves to this chamber,” said SPD lawmaker Matthias Miersch in parliament. The law will set goals in each government department to reduce CO2 emissions.

Incentives will also be introduced for businesses and agencies who operate in an environmentally friendly way.

This could mean that flying will become more expensive while trains will become cheaper in Germany. A CO2 traffic charge will be introduced as well as charges on businesses that produce a large amount of CO2.

The legislation will cost around €54 billion by 2023, in part financed by these charges.


Via DW

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