Fuel shortages across Portugal

epa07511908 Portuguese drivers waiting to fill their car tank at fuel station still opened despite the fuel truck drivers strike, Lisbon, Portugal, 17 April 2019. The minimum service decreed because of Portugal's national strike of hazardous goods lorry drivers covers 40 per cent of regular operations of fuel supply in filling stations in Lisbon and Porto metropolitan areas, according to an order published in the state journal, Diario da Republica. EPA-EFE/TIAGO PETINGA

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Petrol stations across Portugal are running dry as tanker drivers began a nationwide strike over pay and conditions. Shortages have prompted queues at petrol stations across the country, while some have closed.

Portugal has now declared an energy emergency and drivers agreed to supply essential services including hospitals and airports.

Airports in Faro and Lisbon have already been forced to use emergency fuel reserves for departing planes, though the civil requisitions is expected to cover the demand.

Some airlines have also reportedly resorted to diverting to Spain to refuel.

Portugal’s Minister of Economy Pedro Siza Vieira has appealed to citizens not to rush to the pumps to help avoid any further shortages.

Reports in the media in Portugal said that soldiers were on standby ready to drive fuel trucks if necessary.

Via The Portugal News


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