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The two gentlemen Rossi at dinner. Not Mario and Giovanni, but Valentino and Vasco. A double V of class and talent, sport and music.

The icon on two wheels, holder of nine world titles and a trademark that has rewritten the history of MotoGp, alongside one of the great Italian rockers with a career on stage of over forty years. Put two legends in the restaurant, with their wives, friends and girlfriends, and Rimini literally goes mad, with lots of fans who waited for hours for an autograph or a joke. And meanwhile, on social media, the photo and video that portrays them together, set at the same table, has gone viral.

Vasco and Valentino celebrated the end of the quarantine, finally free. “After the lockdown, a splendid evening with Valentino’s energy was needed! God Bless Valeee!”, wrote Vasco on Instagram where he also posted some photos of the cheerful evening.

For the king of MotoGp, who at 41 still wants to relaunch, the appointment with the other Rossi was on the agenda soon after training on the track in Misano, the track that will host the MotoGP this coming September. In a month the MotoGP starts again and the Doctor wants to be in shape.

The two legends have become friends over time. The rocker from Zocca did not hide his sympathy: “Valentino is a champion, the best ever. He is intelligent, honest, true and sincere. He has class, talent, courage to sell and he is a beautiful person.” Always reciprocated by the icon of the two wheels that inherited Vasco’s passion for songs from his father Graziano: “He is more famous than me, people chase him, Vasco and I have ways of living and thinking that are very similar. At least for certain things. And sometimes we need to see each other.”

Vasco was forced to postpone his summer tour due to the pandemic, but on July 1st, his long interview recorded in a room in the Rimini hotel that is hosting him, will be broadcast on Rai Uno. And two weeks later Valentino will return to racing, ready to challenge the 27 year old champion Marc Marquez, the cannibal of the new generation.

It will still be Yamaha against Honda, in a battle that tastes like a challenge for the passing years. Valentino, the timeless, is ready for exciting new sports pages. And Vasco will cheer for him, as he waits to return to the stage.

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