French company found liable for death of employee who died of a heart attack while in bed with stranger on business trip

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A French company has been found liable for the death of an employee who had a cardiac arrest while having sex with a stranger on a business trip.

A Paris court ruled that his death was an industrial accident and that the family was entitled to compensation, the BBC reports.

The safety technician, identified as M. Xavier, had traveled to the Loiret region, roughly 90 miles south of Paris, in 2013 for work when he had sex with a “complete stranger.”

Under French law an employer is responsible for any accident occurring during a business trip, judges said.

Judgement can be accessed here.

An employee on a business trip is entitled to social protection “over the whole time of his mission” and regardless of the circumstances, it said.

His employer, railway construction company TSO, argued that because his sexual activity was not part of work and because he died in a different hotel in which he was staying for work, his death wasn’t the company’s responsibility.

The company said prior to the ruling the employee’s death “occurred when he had knowingly interrupted his work for a reason solely dictated by his personal interest, independent of his employment” and that because of this, he was no longer on his business trip.

Via BBC : Linked In / Fox / The Local

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